LUMCON’s STEM Programming

University Field Courses: LUMCON is much more than its marine laboratory, the DeFelice Marine Center. LUMCON is a Consortium of marine scientists across more than two dozen member institutions. As the hub of this Consortium, LUMCON can draw from a wide variety of resources and expertise, ultimately serving as an incubator and leader for marine science in Louisiana, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and across the globe. LUMCON has the diversity of tools and knowledge through Consortium partnerships to find solutions to problems facing coastal Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and ocean ecosystems at large. For more information on LUMCON’s University Summer Field Courses, visit 2018-LUMCON-summer-courses.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): LUMCON has run our Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program on Interdisciplinary Research Experiences in Changing Coastal Environments since 2011.  A cohort of REU participants will spend ten weeks between early June and mid-August at LUMCON conducting independent research projects with guidance from scientific mentors/mentor teams (from a mentor pool of LUMCON faculty, post-doctoral associates, and/or visiting scientists) while interacting with peers participating in other aspects of LUMCON’s summer programs. For more information, VISIT HERE.

K-12 Programs: At LUMCON, students become scientistsThrough field and laboratory activities, students develop lasting impressions about making a positive impact on their environment and community. Overnight or day trips are designed to meet the needs of preK-12 school classes, school organizations, home schools, and scouting organizations. For more information, VISIT HERE 

Teacher Workshops and Resources: LUMCON offers several programs for preK-12, non-formal, and university educators to improve their effectiveness in teaching science. These programs help teachers understand the scientific process, learn marine and coastal science, and gain confidence in active learning methods. In addition, workshops (lasting 4 hours to 1 week) can be designed to meet school or district needs for professional development for teachers. For more information, VISIT HERE

Public Events: LUMCON regularly hosts events at our DeFelice Marine Center in Cocodrie, LA and elsewhere. For more information, VISIT HERE.