Board of Regents Support Fund (BoRSF) STEM Program

The BoRSF, funded through the interest earnings from a $583 million Trust Fund dedicated in the Louisiana State Constitution to the Board of Regents, is designed to foster excellence in education, research and service, as well as promote economic development through collaborations between academic programs and industrial, business and professional entities. The Louisiana Constitution mandates that funds allocated to the BoRSF be used for “any or all of the following higher educational purposes to enhance economic development:

  • carefully defined research efforts at public and private universities in Louisiana
  • endowment of chairs for eminent scholars
  • enhancement of the quality of academic, research, or agricultural departments or units within a university
  • recruitment of superior graduate students”

Accordingly, the BoRSF currently operates several subprograms available through four primary program areas: Research and Development, Endowed Chairs, Enhancement, and Graduate Fellows. Awards in all categories are based on the following considerations:

  • the potential for the award to enhance the overall quality of higher education in Louisiana
  • the potential for the award to enhance the economic development of the State

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