Second Annual 2019 LaSTEM Summit

The second Annual 2019 LaSTEM Summit will be held on Thursday, November 7 at the Raising Cane’s River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The 2nd Annual Statewide Summit has four objectives:

1. To showcase some of the most effective, resourceful, and impactful STEM activities and programs in Louisiana, as well as some federal STEM agencies, through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

2. To provide a venue for STEM Teacher Professional Development programs for Louisiana instructors.

3. To host informative and engaging breakout sessions for educators, administrators, legislators and leaders from preK-Postsecondary education about school and industry partnerships, the creation and development of Regional STEM Centers in Louisiana, and success stories of existing STEM ecosystems in Louisiana and throughout the United States.

4. To allow participants opportunities to discuss regional needs and to strategize the implementation of Regional STEM Centers in Louisiana.



To register for the 2019 LaSTEM Annual Summit, click here. Seats are limited so register soon.

Jeff Weld, Keynote Speaker

Jeff Weld, Ph.D. is Executive Director for the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, a post he’s occupied since its launch in 2011. Additionally, Jeff just completed service as STEM Education Policy Consultant for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy after serving through 2018 as Senior Policy Advisor and Assistant Director, to lead the production of America’s Strategic Plan for STEM Education, published on December 4, 2018. Jeff’s 2017 book “Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning” (NSTA Press) comprehensively examines all aspects of the nation’s STEM movement, highlighting best practices and lessons learned. In 2014, the Triangle Coalition bestowed upon Jeff the STEM Champion award, and in 2013 the University of Iowa recognized Weld with the College of Education’s Alumni Accomplishment Honor. He is on extended leave from a faculty position in the Department of Biology at the University of Northern Iowa, where he secured over $5 million in grant funding, published the popular textbook “The Game of Science Education” (Allyn & Bacon), authored over seventy peer-reviewed research articles, essays, and book chapters on science education research and policy, conducted faculty professional development on content integration, prepared future science teachers, and created a Natural History Interpretation Minor. In 2007 Jeff was named National Collegiate Biology Teacher of The Year for four-year institutions by the National Association of Biology Teachers. A decorated secondary science teacher through the 1990’s, Jeff was the Ciba-Geigy Life Science Teacher of the Year in Iowa, Pella Corporation’s Focus on Teaching Excellence award recipient, and a National Access Excellence Fellow of the Genentech Corporation. Today and for now anyway, his teaching is limited to new tricks taught to the family dog, Rico Fermi.